Specially Designed and Build to Maximize Dirt and Moisture Absorption.

The successive rows of monofilament polymide fibers act as tough scrapers to knock off dirt ; the alternating rows of bicolor solution dyed polyamide yarns absorb the dirt and moisture scraped off by the monofilaments, making Cero Scraper Plus mats the most effective product on the market today.

• Up to 59% more water absorb
• Up 50% more soil capture
• 9mm Gauge Dual Textile Scraper
• Anti-static, Fire and UV Resistant
• Long-lasting Nitrile rubber backing
• Washable / Laudable and Extremely Durable

W – 0.60M x L – 0.85M | W – 0.85M x L – 1.50M
W – 1.15M x L – 1.80M | W – 1.50M x L – 8.00M
Thickness: 7.80mm