The UltraFlow mat was developed to provide premium performance in kitchens, bars, freezers, food processing areas, gym lockers – anywhere you need a mat to provide stability and support while also allowing for liquids to drain away from the surface and permit air circulation for quicker drying. The mat is produced using a patented nitrile rubber construction that incorporates a unique flow through design.

• Cushioned construction helps reduce foot, ankle, leg and back fatigue in areas where employees or visitors stand for long periods of time
• Durable textured surface helps prevent slipping
• Molded studded pattern promotes air circulation
• Patented rubber formulation provides oil and solvent resistance, while providing anti-microbial properties
• Slim profile and beveled edge construction meets all ADA guidelines
• Easy to clean with a pressure hose, but durable enough to be washed in industrial laundry systems

Dimension: W – 0.855M x L – 1.370M
Thickness: 7.90mm
Color: Black